The project is a blockchain project that aims to reshape the investment landscape by combining the power of community-centric meme tokens with state-of-the-art DeFi utilities. Dedicated to all those who have paper handed at one point or the other

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About Paper Hands

Paper Hands Token represents a new wave of cryptocurrency projects that go beyond financial gain and embrace the power of memes, community spirit, and social impact. By transforming the concept of "paper hands" into a positive and inclusive movement, the project offers a unique experience for participants while aiming to make a difference in the world. With its innovative tokenomics, community-driven governance, and commitment to engagement, Paper Hands Token stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, where humor, community, and impact can coexist.

Our Partners

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  • 50% Burnt
  • 24% Public Sale
  • 11% Liquidity Pool (Locked)
  • 2% development
  • 3% Cex listing (Vested lock)
  • 3% Airdrop
  • 2% Staking Rewards (Vested Lock)

How To Buy

Set up your wallet

Create a Metamask/Trust Wallet account and send BNB from an exchange like binance to your wallet.

Visit PancakeSwap

Go to

$PHANDS Contract

Paste our official Contract and import the PHANDS token.


Complete the transaction to buy PHANDS


Stage 01

  • Team Building
  • Whitepaper Development
  • Public Presale
  • Pancakeswap Launch
  • CMC & CG Listing
  • Phase 02

  • Partnerships
  • Further Post-Launch Marketing
  • Airdrop Campaign
  • 5,000 HOLDERS
  • Phase 03

  • 7,000 Holders
  • Cex Listing
  • Paper Chain Testnet & Devnet
  • Paper Swap Launch
  • Paper Pad Testnet
  • Marketing
  • Phase 04

  • Paper Chain Mainnet Launch
  • Paper Bridge
  • Paper Pad Mainnet
  • Coin Airdrop
  • Paper Chain DAO
  • Partnerships & Further Development
  • logo

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